v for venture

1. an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome, especially a risky or dangerous one



Do what you love, not what you think you are supposed to do. Christian Sea by Allie Gray

Volatile is an endeavor a lifetime in the making, a year in conceptualization, and a week into fruition.

I’d like to say that Volatile was established without hesitation. I can’t. The process has been a beautifully terrifying collection of little triumphs & larger missteps. Absolute certainty was countered by the fear of defeat.  The decision to embark upon this journey rather than follow the anticipated path which was so painstakingly forged & adamantly fought for doubted in fleeting moments of weakness.

What would happen if I did not succeed?

What would happen if I did?

This is the more powerful question, the question that motivates rather than discourages.  If I succeed, I will have fulfilled the mission of Volatile.  Emerging businesses & brands will have been guided towards a promising future.  Non-profits & philanthropic organizations will have received the support they deserve.  A youth mentoring syndicate will have been founded, and will be well on its way to providing an outlet for creative young minds to explore their talents & passions.  If I succeed, I will have made a difference.

This vision of success is much more compelling than the option of failure.

I have chosen the adventure. Come along for the ride.

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