Venti Questions: Robyn Pallotta

As a syndicate for philanthropic entrepreneurs, movers, shakers & changemakers, Volatile continues “Venti Questions” to highlight those in the community that are making waves & getting work done. Robyn Pallotta, Owner & Artist at 777 Tattoos, graciously accepted our invitation to share her version of philanthropy.


1. What does philanthropy mean to you?
Philanthropy to me is having the ability to give or provide a service to those that are in need or less fortunate than myself and then acting on it.

2. What inspired you to make a difference?
Being surrounded on a daily basis by others who are always doing selfless acts makes it really easy to jump on the bandwagon.

3. Do you feel a personal responsibility to help others?
Yes of course. As humans we should all feel personally responsible to help a fellow human. It’s impossible to imagine yourself in their shoes and then not want to help.

4. What is the source of your passion?
My mom has raised me to always help others and by the motto, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” She was always doing things that I picked up on as a kid. Like found money being donated or just smiling at an elderly person and asking how their day is. These things just stick with you.

5. What impact would you like to make in the community?
Any small impact that I make is good enough for me. I think doing a lot of small things is better than doing one big one. If everyone just did a bunch of small things all the time, the world would be a much better place.

6. How long have you been doing this?
I’ve been helping others since a small age. Being in the Girl Scouts for many years and the Interact Club in High School has given me many opportunities to donate my time and services to helping others.

7. Is there/what is the ripple effect?
There is definitely a ripple effect. It’s so easy to jump into helping a cause. I think the hard part is organizing and pulling the resources together. If there is direction, people will be quick to lend a hand.

8. What are your goals and values?
I don’t have any goals really. I just want to do what I can, no matter how big or small, while I am on this earth. As far as my values go, I’m going to have to refer back to mom’s motto.

9. How do your goals and values reflect what you are doing to give back and make a difference?
I think that they make me a better person and in the end my kids see that. So I suppose I’m giving back by raising people who care about other people.


Robyn & her sons (Ty/Carson) at the Meet The Makers Potluck at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences. Photo Credit: Jesse Tomasello

10. What exactly is your end goal and how do you plan on accomplishing this?
I suppose my end goal is to show my kids that helping others is more important than they think it is at their ages. If they grow up doing things for others and giving back and passing those qualities to their children, then that’s a great ending.

11. If someone would like to contribute a donation or lend a hand in this process, how can they do so?
I would say if you have children, just take the time to show them how to be nice to people. One small act makes you feel really good.

12. Are you involved in any community partnerships or collaborations?
Right now I am helping out in a fundraiser for Mallory McBrien. We are hosting a tattoo fundraiser so that her family can pay for childcare. I’m really excited about doing it because every penny that is made that day is going right back to Mallory. Also last year I helped make “blessing bags” for the homeless in Philly. I asked a few close friends and family members if they wanted to donate $5 to buy socks, gloves and snacks to put in the bags. Everyone was more than willing to give a larger amount of money than I asked for. I went and bought some items and Dani bought some items, collected even more items from others, then she made the bags up and distributed them all season.


An Expression of Love & Support through Art for Mallory McBrien.

13. How do your collaborations coincide with your end goal?
I involve my kids in everything I do and they are right there next to me helping out and witnessing how amazing it is when a group of people come together to do something for someone in need.

14. Why do you believe what you’re doing is unique, in comparison to anyone else?
The crazy thing about helping out is you never really feel like you’ve done enough. There’s always a little more you could have done. So I definitely don’t feel what I am doing is unique. I’m just doing what I can.

15. Do you have any advice for those who want to get involved?
Sure. Start small. Do what you can. Something is better than nothing.

16. How do you encourage volunteerism?
Usually people are so quick to offer a hand when they find out about an event that I really don’t have to ask for volunteers. But when I do need volunteers, I just give them a simple task. It yields more results than inundating them with a list.

17. How do you think we can motivate our youth to get involved?
Start them young. If they grow up seeing good things being done around them then it will be second nature when they are adults.

18. What would you like to pass on to future generations?

19. What inspires you to keep paying it forward?
There is nothing greater than that feeling you get when you help someone. It’s indescribable and holds no price tag.

20. Is there a specific uplifting quote that best exemplifies what you stand for?
“Treat others how you want to be treated.” -My Mom, Roberta Genaro

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