Social Networking 101

Social media is a valuable outlet that gives your business a human voice and a competitive edge. With a proper strategy, it can increase your brand awareness and reach at little to no cost, while providing the opportunity with instant feedback. Every social post serves as a chance to interact and potentially convert a conversation into a relationship. Determine your goals, make a plan and run with it! The number of opportunities you have on social media are infinite.

Here’s a quick rundown of four of the most prevalent platforms:

Facebook is a popular, free social-networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch. It is the largest social networking platform on the web, with the most versatility.

Facebook is best for:

– Businesses that host events

– Engaging with current and potential customers

– Targeting specific demographics

– Sharing your mission and telling a story

New Moves:

– You can now “Notify a few friends” when you post something. This feature allows people to get their posts seen by those who really care. Facebook has yet to announce the new feature, so it may still be in the testing phase!

– Facebook advertisers can now target anyone across Audience Network, including non Facebook users. Showing ads to non-users will seriously increase the volume of ads Facebook can serve!

Instagram is a social platform based solely on sharing photos and videos. Instagram’s distinguishing feature is the ability to alter and filter your photos directly through the app. Unlike others, this platform is almost entirely mobile.

Instagram is best for:

– Sharing pictures and videos

– Sharing company culture

– Brand awareness

– Paid advertising

New Moves:

– Based on Insta’s new algorithm, the beginning of your feed will no longer be in chronological order. To stay connected with the accounts you love most, stay engaged! Geotag your images, leverage relevant hashtags, post consistently and interact with other users!

– Instagram has recently allowed brands access to business profiles, analytics and promoted posts.

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you send public or private snaps of images and video to people from your smartphone. A huge part of Snapchat’s appeal is the creativity it allows users to express, and the fact that content self destructs within ten seconds of a person viewing it.

Snapchat is best for:

– Adding awareness and excitement to a brand’s name

– Showing what happens behind-the-scenes

– Releasing sneak peeks of new products

– Offering short-lived contests and coupons

New Moves:

– Due to Snapchat’s most recent update, you can now add 320 non-emoji stickers to your snaps and stories! Get ready to “overdose on cute”.

Twitter is a great platform for quickly spreading the word. Your tweets are limited to 140 characters (or less). Through Twitter, you can share text updates, videos, photos, links, polls and more. Twitter’s retweet feature is a valuable source of sharing information, with the potential to go viral.

Twitter is best for:

– Interacting with current and prospective customers

– Connecting and building beneficial relationships with other businesses

– Releasing relevant news

– Answering questions and engaging with followers

New Moves:

– Adding a photo will soon no longer affects your character count!

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