Farm to Table

The Beach View Farms to Table event has been established to foster a deeper relationship between the community & it’s local businesses. Since 2013, Beach View Farms has been providing Stafford Township and the surrounding area with Certified Naturally Grown produce through its DIY retail stand, CSA program, and holiday events. Beach View Farms has recently partnered with Volatile Media Management to offer unique farm-to-table events. The Farm will donate produce for each seasonal dinner, and Volatile will organize a six-course meal complete with beverage pairings. Guest chefs from renowned restaurants will create a menu specifically for the Beach View Farms harvest, and locally sourced seafood & meats will be procured for the main courses. This menu will be executed for one evening only, and will be limited to 36 guests. Proceeds from these events will benefit a local non-profit that has a measurable positive impact on the community.

Event planning, promotion & execution. Assistance with development of menu.

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