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In 2003, a group of Aussie pals brought sexy back by reviving an old fashion trend – the mustache. What they didn’t realize is what it would evolve into…this mustache soon became a token of charity in a bid to raise funds and grow awareness of men’s health issues. Today, the mo movement is bigger than ever, with over 5 million “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” pledging to make a difference around the globe. Since the hairy trend was first established in 2003, over $650 million dollars have been raised, funding over 1,200 men’s health projects.

What are the rules? Simple – start the month clean shaven, then grow and groom your mustache all month long! Are you ready to make an impact? Put down the razor & make your pledge to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation here. Still need convincing? Read on.

Reasons To Get Involved

  • It appeals to all. What other movement has brought that much attention to men’s health ever? And embracing women as part of the movement as “Mo Sistas,” who are deemed supporters of the mustache and men’s health advocates, only expands its reach even further.
  • It embraces humor. When was the last time you saw a killer stache and kept a straight face? Using “mustachery” at the center of your fundraising campaign adds a welcoming nature to the charitable cause.
  • It leverages technology. Developing an online community that requires every fundraiser to register themselves and their teammates to be able to fundraise online brings people from around the world together for a common cause.
  • Making a difference. Knowing that you’re helping make a difference in the lives of others is a great feeling and can make volunteering a highly rewarding experience!
  • Mo money less problems – raising funds and bringing about awareness of men’s health issues aids in preventing men from ignoring underlying issues.
  • Supporting a mission. This is about real men growing real mustaches for a real cause – spark a conversation & spread the word!

Click here to meet the Shave the Date Ambassadors!

Online Fundraising

  • Email is king. While social media is ever so popular, it’s still a runner up to email when it comes to soliciting online donations.
  • Segmentation matters. You must strategically pick your email recipients. If you have friends & family that aren’t seeing your promotions on Facebook, shoot them an email – different strokes for different folks!
  • Multimedia storytelling. High quality photos & videos can make or break your “No Shave” campaign. If you are utilizing these sources to tell your campaign’s story, make sure they are readily available for your supporters to view.
  • Be a tease. Promise a reward to your supporters if a goal is met. Example: Promise to post a selfie of your baby mustache if you hit the $100 mark by the end of the day. Embarrassing rewards are an effective incentive.
  • People give for a multitude of reasons…whether it’s in memory of a relative or merely because you have a killer stache. Who is your target audience and what to they want to see? Alter your online communications to resonate with those audiences – give the people what they want!

Don’t want to grow it out? Click here to offer a pledge online toward one of Shave the Date’s Ambassadors.
Want to participate? Download the pledge form here and get growing!
Want to be an ambassador? Email – she’ll set you up!


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